Dorgem - Webcam Capturer

Tiny digital cameras attached or built in computers used to share images or videos in the internet are called webcams or web cameras. Using this tiny device is fun at the same time it is very addictive. It lets people connect with other people situated anywhere around the globe. Using a webcam is really easy. To use a webcam firstly it needs to be installed in the computer.

It can be installed using the installation CD. If the CD is not available the drivers can be downloaded from the internet. Secondly, Dorgem, an open source webcam capture application should be downloaded and installed. After installing dorgem, it is launched and the webcam option is selected from the camera selection drop-down list. Click the preview button to display the webcam view.

The camera is manually adjusted according to the face area that the person wants to monitor. You can click the source button to make the adjustments of settings like color, brightness or contrast. Then hit OK after making the adjustments. You can see an option button you can tick on it. Place a check in the use motion detection check box.

Many webcams may have to re connect dorgem after a certain interval. So, leave the check box unchecked as of now. If the webcam does not capture images then the use motion detection check box must be checked. The interval time should be as long as possible.

Return to dorgem main page to create a profile, which is referred to as storage events. Store settings button is clicked to create an event. At this stage you can choose any file and click OK button. Enter a name for the event and enable it after setting an interval. Next click the filename button. Here a folder will be set to save the captured images. Special characters can be used in the file names. Click close, after giving an OK and then it will return to dorgem main window page.

Do some actions like waving your hand or jumping or walking. If the settings are set correctly then some pictures will be captured in the images folder which was specified earlier. Take a look at it if there are no images captured, it means that the settings are not set correctly and the whole process needs to be redone and this can be done again and again until you can get the desired result. Each time be careful and double check each and every option. There is also a built in help option available in dorgem. It can be used as it will be very helpful. It can also be used for troubleshooting.

Dorgem is a webcam capture program for Windows

Click here to download the software ==> Dorgem - Webcam Capturer


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