If you have published videos with Google, YouTube or other online video hosts you have noticed that your videos greatly loose in quality after they are published. You spend precious time recording videos, editing them just to have a blurry and less than desirable result. If your videos are screen captures that you have produced to be used as tutorials, then this will negatively affect your presentation.

First, why does that happen? Why does a great clear video turns into a blurry nightmare? Once you send videos to be published online, they will go through a resize process. A smaller video will take less time to upload and thus the need for this process.

Depending on the original size of your video, this could dramatically alter the video quality. But that doesn't stop there, videos will again suffer more resolution changes because they are offered to viewers in a larger size. So your videos actually go through this resize process twice. No wonder most videos out there in these online hosts, don't have a good quality.

So here are some tips to avoid losing quality after publishing your videos:


Make sure you use the right compressor for your software. Some softwares come with a default compressor that gives you a good quality, if your intend is to view your videos locally on your PC. If you plan on publishing videos online, you may have to search for a compressor that will give the best quality. You can download some of them for free.

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