Android PDF Viewer

Well, I bought this phone for the Android Operative System, It already came with the Froyo Update, all the cool features were enabled (Menu navigation, HD Video Recording, etc...) the widgets are just excellent, useful and some of them are for fun, like the Friend Stream, which allows you to have your Facebook/Twitter updates in a single window, another nice widget is the Weather, it locates you where you are, if I move to a different city, it will show the current position and the weather (Data transmission required). The camera is Fantastic, it take excellent pictures and HD Videos with Great quality.

The phone itself is not too heavy, very comfortable in your hands and so intuitive to use, the Android OS manage everything in such a fantastic way (Phone alerts, text messages, widgets, visual effect) you really enjoy using the phone, I had some problems setting up the Internet for my Service Provider (I thought I already had active, but no =P), but I finally did it, it works like a charm I am able to access Internet and a very smooth way, use my Mercury Messenger application (Downloaded from Android Market), download music, everything; I really like the way how the phone manage my Emails (Email Widget by HTC), you have the option to see just the headers, a little of the message or the whole message. The "People" Application (By HTC) allows you to link your phone contact with their Facebook/Twitter/Flickr account, you can select which picture from the services you want to use as a contact picture, if the contact updates that picture, it will be updated in your phone too, you can see all the contact's updates from the People application to have more specific information about that contact specifically. The phone works really fast (It has never froze with me) even though I have many applications running in background, remember that the amount of applications you have running at the same time is proportional to the battery consumption, besides of the Social Network applications it also has some business applications, like the PDF viewer and Quick Office.

Andorid PDF Viewer is a viewer for PDF-Files on ANDROID mobiles. The implementation will be a port of the pdf-renderer which is published by SUN under the LGPL: The first version will be very slow, so do not hurry...

Click here to download the software ==> Android PDF Viewer


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